Investments Company Limited of United Kingdom started in 1971 providing business and commercial funding through Private Investors. We are one of the leading private providers of bank instruments services for both institutional and individual clients.
  • Instrument Type:   MEDIUM TERM NOTES /MTN/ Cash Backed
  • Price/ Commission:   25% of Full Face Value + 2% commission
  • Total Face Value:   €$10Million to 50Billion
  • Validity:   Ten (10) Year and One (1) Day
  • Payment Schedule:   Within Three (03) Banking days after verification and authentication of the Swift MT760, the Provider will receive 25% of the Face Value + 2% commission for Intermediaries /Brokers as stated in the “Fee Agreement”25%.
  • Payment Mode:   MT103 or Bank Wire to any beneficiary

Transaction Procedure

Buyer submits Compliance info for Due Diligence:

  • Client Information Sheet (CIS)
  • Corporate Resolution (CR)
  • Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCND)
  • Company info; Colour Copy of Passport

1.         PROVIDER requests above compliance info from BUYER to complete Due Diligence. BUYER executes, sign and initial the Deed of Agreement with a copy passport, company’s resolution, certificate and send it back to PROVIDER.

2.         Upon successful checks; PROVIDER will approve the bank operations and send the MOU and/or Deed of Agreement, (DOA) to the BUYER. PROVIDER countersigns with a copy of representative passport and company’s registration certficate which automatically becomes a full recourse commercial contract; a copy sent to BUYER.

3.         Within 5 working days; PROVIDER begins Collateral Assignment/Reassignment to BUYER’s name. PROVIDER will authorise their Issuer bank to reassign Instrument to BUYER, making BUYER new subscriber/beneficiary of Instrument/security. Upon instrument assignment, Issuer Bank will host instrument on EUROCLEAR. PROVIDER will present BUYER with the EuroClear screen shots and documents as proof, with all access codes for verification and authentication.

4.         Within 3 days , upon verification of the reassignment of Guarantee in favour of BUYER on Euro Clear; BUYER pays the COLLATERAL TRANSFER/ SWIFT Handling costs (One Hundred Thousand Euros, EUR$100,000) to PROVIDER nominated bank accounts to cover all handling costs of collateral transfer /SWIFT costs  PLUS setup Payment Undertaking of cost of Instrument (25%) in favor of PROVIDER; copies of transfer and BPU remitted to PROVIDER.

5.         PROVIDER sends the invoice, for the Collateral Transfer/EUROCLEAR costs to BUYER,

6.         Within 3days, upon confirmation of receipt of transfer; PROVIDER will authorise Issuer bank to initiate MT799/MT760 to EUROCLEAR; to fully transfer all rights of security/instrument, notarization to BUYER.  All copies will be sent to BUYER.

7.         Upon confirmation and verification of MT760 MTN/BOND, BUYER pays purchase costs of Instrument plus intermediary fees (25+2%) or agreed Purchase costs to PROVIDER.

8.         Upon confirmation of Purchase fees, the Hard Copy of the (MT760/EUROCLEAR access and confirmation codes) will be sent through bank bonded courier to BUYER/Beneficiary bank.

9.         Any unauthorised calls by any party or its representative lawyers to probes or communication in an improper way to bank(s) in this transaction shall be prohibited and contract terminated.