Investments Company Limited of United Kingdom started in 1971 providing business and commercial funding through Private Investors. We are one of the leading private providers of bank instruments services for both institutional and individual clients.
MT103/202 CREDIT MANUAL DOWNLOAD; instrument is sent to client’s interbank screen and the download codes; access codes are provided to manually download and credit client account.


1.   Instrument: MT103/202 Manual Cash Download
2.   Mode of delivery: Swift funds upload
3.   Mini. per tranche:
4.   Issuing Bank: Deutsche Bank Germany
5.   Tenure: one year and one day (may revolve)
6.   Total contract: xxx Million Euros (€000,000,0000)
7.   Delivery: MT103/202 Manual Cash Download
8.   Payment: wire transfer MT103/202 Manual Cash Download
9.   Fees
10. Cost of provision:


1. SENDER and RECEIVER execute, sign Deed of Agreement. This thereby automatically becomes a full recourse commercial contract. The Receiver is also expected to state the figure of expected funds and the preferred currency (Which reflects that receiver is very well aware of and capable to handle the funds download.

2. Within 1 Banking Day, the Sender Bank, after receiving the signed contract from Receiver and endorsed by Receiving Bank shall send the funds by MT103/202 Manual Cash Download.

3. The instrument will be issued, downloaded in beneficiary’s account in the receiving bank.

4. Upon confirmation and location of funds by Receiving Bank via Bank Screen Shot, SENDER will release the funds downloading code to Receiver.

5. Upon the downloading of the funds, Receivers Bank will issue payment via wire transfer to Sender/facilitators nominated bank accounts within 72 hours  (Three banking days).

6. Any unauthorized calls by any party or its representative lawyers to probe or communicate without the consent of both parties in any improper way, to bank(s) with regards to this transaction is unauthorized and will lead to contract termination.

7. This deed of agreement is a full recourse commercial commitment governed by the law of the jurisdiction that both parties reside and standards under ICC regulation.

The SENDER and RECEIVER agree to this IRREVOCABLE MASTER FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENT (IMFPA) banking co-ordinates pertaining to the agreement herein stated:
SENDER  – 50%