Are you Interested in buying or selling financial instruments? SITCO, LLC – Intermediary works with both buyers and sellers on the purchase and sales of Medium Term Notes – MTN and Bank Guarantee – BG instruments, etc. Depending on the market, we can arrange the buy/sell of seasoned instruments and also fresh cut paper. No upfront fees at any time.

Buyer Initial full packages include all or part of the following compliance documentation:

LOI, Client Information Summary, History of Funds, Corporate Board Resolution, Certificate of Good Standing, Non Solicitation agreement, Passport of buyer, and depending if a POF transaction, either tear-sheets or BCL with 2 bank officer signatures within 5 days of submission.

The ability for an individual to buy bank paper relies on several factors.

Of course, the buyer must have his own money in a top bank where it can be verified. The buyer is always the one to move first; the seller cannot solicit business by sending screenshots, ISIN/CUSIP numbers, or “offers” first. The penalties  for  doing  so  are  steep.

Contact us for MTN, Bond and BG mediation

SITCO series LLC  has introduced the Buyer and Seller together to make this deal happen and believe that both the parties will act in complete confidence and professionally.  Seller and Buyer have not shared the Proof of Product nor the Proof of Funds, respectively, and believe that by signing this agreement will acknowledge the proof availability and intention of closing this deal.